“Joe’s Big Day” by Simon Webster (published by Occulum)


Auntie Kay came home today. I’m wearing my best dress, the yellow one we were keeping for Joe’s big day. At half past two the plastic was ripped into, the plastic to keep it clean, and I was allowed to push my head through. Mammy buttoned me at the back of my neck. It tickled and I squirmed and laughed and the backs of my legs got slapped. There’s no excitement about the house. I can hear the breeze through the apple trees. Auntie Kay came home today with her mouth all twisted to one side. I knew whatever she spat out of that would be something snide. My new bed is hard and it smells and I won’t get any sleep, not a peep. I’ve seen spiders in that room before. Mammy says Auntie Kay may snore. I took two pictures in with me. One of Thumper and one of Bugs Bunny, all the rest are stuck to the walls and would tear if I tried. Continue Reading…

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