“Buoyancy” by Simon Webster (Published by The Airgonaut)


Auntie Dee is dying you see. She says it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. She loves life now. Everything is all turned up, she says, the colours and the fragrances. I wish this wasn’t happening because I don’t understand her any more. Sometimes at night I wonder if it has turned her life into a holiday, the sort where you commit to the joys of it because you know you’ll be home in a week, a holiday where you don’t take things for granted. She’s not so sick yet that she can’t get around. She wants to go to Mexico. Auntie Dee says she wants me to go with her, all the way to Mexico, for two weeks or three. I hate flying. She says we’re all dying and I should feel everything turned up like she does, like she should have all of her days. She says it’s the best thing but there must be a sadness only learning how to live when you’re at the end. She wants this for me. She’s always had this streak of pulling me into her misery.

Like when Buster died and she cried and cried and said my own dog wouldn’t be too far behind him.  Continue reading…



Image: via Pixabay

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